The Art for the Unconditional Gift

An Exchange of emotions , an expression of feelings , the celebration of an occasion or just as a formality ! The Gift translates into so many different things . It can be a chore for some whereas fill the others with excitement , can be filled with hope or just be conditional to ones expectations . A gift can mean a 100 different things and the art of giving can be selfish and selfless for different people at different times .

Does The Gift always result in an exchange ,? Maybe Yes , It can result from an exchange of smiles or hugs to just an exchange of favors .Is it even possible to give gifts without strings attached . The Art Of Giving by being selfless should be the exchange that motivates the process a lot more than what you get back in return . Motivated purely by altruism is nothing more than a theoretical concept today . We Shop to Surprise with an expectation attached to it even if its to get smiles in return , coz that if some may call it selfless is a way to put the receiver in debt for the future .

When You surprise by sharing a piece of yourself and not just by limiting yourself to an occasion just to share smiles is when you have truly shared a Gift with all of your unconditional self and love.

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