How to Buy the Perfect Gift!!

1)   Let the gift scream and shout

Have you every heard someone say .I saw this and it had your name written all over it or this was so you I jus had to buy it for you .Exactly what we are trying to suggest is , buy a gift that itself talks about the person you are buying the gift for . This increases the value of the gift twofold  - One the gift is something your receiver will appreciate but the bigger appreciation will be for how well you know them.

2)   Out of the Box

Think beyond the usual , the run of the mill stuff .What you buy can be unique or should be unique and also how you surprise with it can also create an  impact . Shop to Surprise for uniqueness and differentiation . If you are not able to find something different then try a Do it yourself approach and create Some-Thing out of Nothing .

3)   Get Involved
A gift should preferably be something the receiver would buy for himself but would love to use it . If you are close to the person you are gifting to  then listen closely to them , take them to a mall and see what they ponder over or chit chat about  but let it pass by because its not on their shopping list ,get involved and make it more personal .If you are not close to the receiver stick to uniqueness and let the gift depict your understanding of them

4)   Don’t make it boring and obvious

Don’t give household items or items of daily use which they would go out and buy anyway . Even if you want to give soaps and moisturizers  stick to brands that are exotic and not run of the mill .Put some effort in it . If you are still confused then just create a gift experience – a day at a spa , a 10 min shopping spree , a candle lit dinner special on their roof top .

5)   A dash of passion

Gifting Is Very Easy .If presented well half the gifting war is won . The experience of receiving the gift helps creating the illusion of how special they are to you .Pick  , Personalize and Present .Its actually that easy

6)   Surprise , Surprise , Surprise

The unexpected is far more appreciated than the expected in the gifting world. Don’t wait to find a reason or the right occasion . Shop To Surprise literally and share smiles . Share the Surprise at the most unexpected of time and see the heart warming reaction .

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