The WOW Factor !!

We all look for the WOW factor specially when we look at the concept of gifting . The WOW factor when we pick out a gift , The WOW factor when we present a gift , The WOW factor when the receiver opens the gift and finally the  WOW factor when he thanks you for the gift . Now if we zoom out  to see which of the WOW factors we should really consider.  The One when we present and the second one is when the receiver opens the gift . These two are important because you are gifting to make them happy which should in turn make you happy and not the other way around . The Art of gifting should be an experience for you but should translate into a memory of a lifetime for the receiver  .Hence His WOW factor is what we are going to be talking about today .


Now Let us see how we can ensure these two kind of WOWs

Why is the How we present are important . When the receiver receives the gift half the battle of gifting is won specially if its unexpected . The factors to keep in mind for how are – Time , Reason and  Presentation . Someone you know has had  a bad day and is important enough for you to care . Step out and get them a gift . It doesn’t have to big ,different or unique . It’s the Gesture which will make the difference .  Just some chocolates and flowers can bring about the much needed smile . You are feeling happy today share it by doing some thing nice like going  out on a shopping spree for your loved one and surprise them and share the smiles. If its an occasion pick a time which is different and unique to give your gift . An evening before to start the celebration early , or right before they wake up or just a little before the day is about to end to spill the celebration over a little longer . Ever Received a gift where the packaging was so phenomenal or remember the box in box concept where you get the biggest box but there are a multiple boxes inside and you keep opening them till you find the perfect gift . Ah the Anticipation of it … The build Up … The Surprise J


The Gift Doesn’t have to be expensive to make the difference but it always helps if its unique and luckily not everything unique is expensive .Something unique can be found in the market with just a little bit of effort . It can be a do it yourself project also or create Some-Thing out of Nothing . When you pick a gift don’t buy something that you think the other person would like . Try stepping in their shoes for a minute and then take a call . Don’t buy them Red if you like red however nice it may look on them coz it will be a complete waste if they don’t wear red . The thought behind the gift definitely counts but keep the thought simple how often are you going to be around to be able to explain to the receiver the thought behind your gifting the item to them . Buy something that stands out something that screams out their personality and makes them remember you every time they see it .


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