Gestures & Gifting !!

How important are gestures in the process of gifting. A grand gesture can be the gift itself but that’s not what we are talking about today. We are talking about the gesture of giving. While you present a gift to someone, you can make the gift a lot bigger or smaller by creating an experience around it .


There are few people who after handing the gift stick around and wait for the much expected appreciation that they think they deserve for making all the effort of selecting a gift, bringing it over and presenting it. In such cases the excitement of the giver  takes over the receiver’s and the gift becomes more important than the occasion or the reasons for gifting it and the body language of the giver screams out the eagerness .


In the second scenario the giver is as eager but the eagerness is not because they  crave appreciation but because they want to be assured that all that effort  they put in was worth it and the receiver likes what they got . These gestures show a need for acceptance of the gift and the giver  that will result in satisfaction for the giver .


The third kind of giver does not require appreciation or satisfaction he is there to celebrate the reason for the gift.  For him the gift is not as important . But when the style of  presenting it is . That would make his presence felt and will make the occasion big by being a big and loud part of the celebration


Then we have the fifth kind which are not so common , These are the guys who are not present on the scene . They quietly get the gift delivered and without any expectation because it was just a formality


If the gesture is more important than the gift then the best gesture you can do if you truly love someone is the gesture of anonymity  coz that is without any expectations and if the opp. Side really loves you they would just know it was you

Being anonymous is not easy and it definitely doesn’t make sense to everyone so the next best option is to buy the perfect gift . Wish them with all the warmth ,love and splendor don’t give  the gift article more importance than it requires and the person a lot more . Give , Forget and celebrate …!!



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