You never know ...

The Whole Idea of Giving a Gift to your family people is to  think carefully .Very Carefully

What is it that you have always wanted but didn’t want to go out and buy .Make a List Prioritize .Cut out the items you may in the near future persuade yourself to go out and buy .Cut these Out Then delete the items that the person you are planning to gift to may want . Remember your mother may end up using the hunting knife in the kitchen but what is she going to do with a fishing rod .

Having Done this you are left with a list of things which actually you want . Go Shop for it ,order it , buy it and after packaging it very nicely .Pick a rose from the garden ( Have a heart you need to get something for your loved one ) Give your present with a warm kiss and the rose.


Imagine their surprise at your thoughtfulness and the unique nature of your gift

And your pleasure at having got what you’v always wanted .Because if your research was good they ‘r now going it to use it.

But you never know!!!

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